Stihl Ms360 Reviews * Features, Good and Bad Sides 2023>>>

The Stihl Ms360 reviews is a fantastic toy that is perfect for any kind of forestry work. While the chain tensioner is adequate, it could use a little improvement. We’ve both the Stihl Ms360 reviews and found the Stihl chainsaw to be very capable. We hope you find these Stihl ms360 reviews useful. It should help you decide which STIHL chainsaw is right for your needs.

We’ve covered the pros and cons of the Stihl Ms360 reviews.

Stihl Ms360 Chainsaw Reviews – Is it suitable for forestry?

Stihl Ms360 Chainsaw review suitable for forestry? The Stihl MS 360 is an excellent chainsaw for all types of forestry work. This powerful, lightweight chainsaw offers a 72-drive link and a 3/8-inch TPI/pitch blade. The chainsaw also features Stihl’s ROLLOMATIC(r) E mini guide bar. The Stihl Ms360 chainsaw weighs just two pounds.

This chainsaw has seven positions for optimal cutting height, ranging from 1-3/8″ to three-and-a-half inches. It also features an integrated carrying case with a scabbard. While many parts are interchangeable between the two chainsaws, you should check with your dealer before buying a new one. The MS 360 chainsaw can be repaired with STIHL parts.

Stihl Ms360 Reviews * Features, Good and Bad Sides 2023>>> Saws

Stihl Ms360 Chainsaw Features

The Stihl MS360 chainsaw features an M-Tronic(TM) engine management system, which automatically compensates for work-condition changes and optimizes performance without any user adjustments. Another nice feature is the QuickStop chain braking system, which reduces the risk of injury during kickback situations by stopping the chain in less than a second.

Stihl Ms360 Chainsaw Bad Side

The Stihl MS360 chainsaw tensioner has a few great features that are sure to help you make your job easier. The Easy2Start feature allows you to start the tool easier with less effort, and a spring added between the crankshaft and start rope rotor makes it easier to pull the trigger. Stihl 391 also has great features

But Stihl Ms360 Chainsaw Tensioner Needs To Be Better.

Stihl Ms360 Is A Great Chainsaw For All Types Of Forestry Work

The Stihl ms360 is arguably one of the best small chainsaws you can buy today. Its compact size and powerful performance make it an excellent tool for almost any forestry task.

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Among the many features of this chainsaw are its powerful engine, easy starting, and efficient fuel system. It is equipped with a rewind starter handle for easy start-up, a comfortable grip, and a high degree of flexibility. Furthermore, it comes with a free shipping option for your convenience.


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The Stihl Ms360 Saw is suitable for Forestry. One of the best small chainsaws.

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