Stihl MS 500i Vs 661 ✔️2022 Compare * Price, Specs, Stihl 500i vs 661

 Stihl MS 500i Vs 661 deciding will be the first step of all your business. Before choosing the Stihl MS 500i Vs 661, decide for what purpose you need a chainsaw. The similarities and differences between the two models are listed in this article. The differences between the 500i vs 661 include the power output, the weight, and the Sound pressure.

Stihl 500i vs 661 If you’re looking for a good chainsaw, you may be wondering which model to buy. A light-duty tool will not be needed for very tough jobs, but a heavy-duty model will be required for cutting down a huge tree trunk or clearing the yard. While both chainsaws have a similar chain type, the Stihl MS 500i is a better choice for lighter-duty tasks.

Stihl MS 500i Vs 661 ✔️2022 Compare * Price, Specs, Stihl 500i vs 661 Saws

Stihl 500i vs 661

The main advantage of the 661 is its power-to-weight ratio, but the 500i is smaller and more portable. For most users, this will not be a major factor. The chain saw is also easier to start because of its Deco Valve technology.

Both of 500i vs 661 chainsaws have an engine with four cylinders and a displacement of 4.83cc. Both have an impressive power level and a powerful engine.

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Stihl MS 500i Vs 661 Compare

In the Stihl MS 500i Vs 661 comparison, the 661 comes with smart engine management features and a smart engine management system. It reduces emissions and burns less fuel than comparable models. The Stihl MS 500i offers higher fuel efficiency.

Stihl ms661 vs 500i has the same chain, but the Stihl MS 661 comes with advanced features that will make your job much easier. For example, the MS 500i has a pull-start system and uses an air filter that is positioned high on the chain for easy starting. The Stihl MS 661 has a low kickback level, which is an important feature when cutting wood.

Ms 500i Specs ✔️

When it comes to comparing Stihl 661 vs 500i, the MS 500i is the clear winner. Its smart engine management system uses sensors to monitor fuel quality, air filter status, carb tuning adjustments, and elevation to optimize performance. The MS 661 also features electronic fuel adjustment and a pull-start system. The Stihl MS 500i has a 4.83cc engine and 6.7HP rating.

Stihl MS 500i specification:

  • Displacement: 79.2 cc
  • Engine Power: 6.7 bhp
  • Weight: 13.9 lbs. 14.8 lbs.
  • Fuel Capacity: 26.05 oz.
  • Oil Capacity: 11.0 oz.
  • Guide Bar Lengths: 16″ to 36″
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While the two Stihl chainsaws feature the same look and function, there are some differences that set them apart. The sound pressure generated by the MS500i is greater than the 661’s. As such, it’s more powerful. The power-to-weight ratio is more than double the MS661s. The Stihl 500i vs 661 is also a little smaller than the Stihl 661.

Stihl 661 Specs ✔️

The MS 661’s engine features STIHL M-Tronic(TM) engine management technology, which reduces vibration for better fuel efficiency. The power and portability of the MS 500i make it the best choice for those looking for a compact, lightweight chainsaw.

Stihl MS 661 Magnum specification:

  • Displacement: 91.1 cc
  • Engine Power: 7.2 bhp
  • Weight: 16,8 lbs.
  • Fuel Capacity: 28.07 oz.
  • Oil Capacity: 13.5 oz.
  • Guide Bar Lengths: 25 in.
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Why should I buy the Stihl MS 500i?

Stihl  MS 500i chainsaws are highly recommended for professional use500i vs 661 in terms of power the MS 500i has more powerful motors than the MS 661, and its higher torque makes it more suitable for forestry applications. The MS 661 also has a more compact and lightweight body. The Stihl ms 500i chainsaw is a good choice if you’re looking for a lightweight chainsaw with high-end performance and a high-quality price tag.

Stihl MS 500i Vs 661 ✔️2022 Compare * Price, Specs, Stihl 500i vs 661 Saws

Stihl 500i vs 661

Why should I buy the Stihl MS 661?

If you’re STIHL or Husqvarna fan the choice between these two models is obvious. In case you’re an impartial potential buyer, you should make a decision. For those loggers who are looking for a universal tool for regular use, Husqvarna T435 is a preferred variant. This model has a more powerful engine wider range of bars and heavier weight. But if your goal is to perform tasks up in the sky or in hard-to-reach places you should pay attention to STIHL MS 192 T gasoline chainsaw. It’s lighter more compact and all in all more convenient tool.

The MS 661 has a high-quality Nikasil plated chainsaw spur gear. The MS 661 has a slightly larger cylinder than the MS 500i, but they are both capable of generating the same amount of power. Both models come with safety warnings and are made for different types of users. It is advisable to read the instruction manual before purchasing a new tool.

While both models are highly popular and well-made, the ms 661 is the superior choice. Its full wrap handle and Hyway Dual Port Muffler provide exceptional performance and durability. The Stihl ms 661 is a powerful chainsaw and is an excellent choice for homeowners. Its low price also makes it a great option for professionals. Its ergonomic design is one of the most convenient features of the ms 661. STIHL 021 Chainsaws, $149 Price

Stihl 500i vs 661 Videos

The most common mistake with the Husqvarna tool is to perform complex tasks. Yes, the engine is rather powerful, but don’t try to cut things more than 8 inches in diameter. You can observe problems with restarting it after the engine was stopped because of a heavy load. Practically the same thing is with the Stihl model. It was created only for cutting branches and trimming bushes. So, don’t forget about this and don’t perform tough tasks. Take into consideration all the above-mentioned facts and make your choice wisely.

The MS 500i is more lightweight than its MS 661 counterpart, but it still provides excellent power. Its 6.2-gallon fuel tank holds 7.6 gallons of fuel. The MS 661 is also more powerful. It produces 7.2 HP of power and has a higher displacement than the MS500i. Here is a nice Stihl 500i vs 661 comparison video summarizing the situation:

After watching the Stihl 500i vs 661 videos, you know which one is better. Let’s talk about the last thing we know about the Stihl 500i vs 661.

The MS 500i has an impressive power-to-weight ratio, but it weighs only 14 pounds. The MS 661 is known for its low exhaust emissions and easy maintenance. It’s easy to use and carries heavy loads. Moreover, it can be easily transported to any job site, regardless of the terrain. The MS 500i is also available in select regions. Its weight and size make it ideal for professional work in tree service and forestry. Stihl 025 Chainsaw Specs, Price $189

Stihl MS 500i Chainsaw * For Sale * Price $1200 Specs * Reviews *2022

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For light tasks, Stihl ms 500i is better, for heavier tasks ms 661.

While both models are quite popular and well made, the ms 661 is a superior choice.

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