Stihl Ms 400 Review * Stihl Ms 400 Problems -Stihl Ms 400 C-M * Stihl Ms 400 Specs

You may want to read the Stihl Ms 400 review before you buy as you hear it does a great job. We will tell you all the Stihl Ms 400 problems. Of course, in the Stihl Ms 400 review, we will tell you not only the problems but also the features.

If you are looking for a chainsaw with an impressive engine and long filter life, the STIHL MS 400 C-M might be a good choice for you. Its powerful engine and heated handle will make it the perfect choice for a variety of outdoor projects. In this Stihl ms 400 C-M review, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of this powerful tool.

Stihl Ms 400 Review * Stihl Ms 400 Problems -Stihl Ms 400 C-M * Stihl Ms 400 Specs Saws

Stihl Ms 400 Specs

This is the newest model of 60-cc chainsaws from the Stihl brand. This size is crucial to forestry and arb professionals. Its wide form and positive temperament mean that you won’t hear it squealing or droning as you’d expect from a chainsaw of this class.

Here are the Stihl Ms 400 features;

  • Offers an excellent power-to-weight ratio
  • It is compact and lightweight with a 5.8 kg powerhead.
  •  Its engine features the M-Tronic 3.0 technology and an enhanced HD2 filter.
  • 60-cc engine

It also comes with a magnesium piston and a tool-free fuel cap. With its advanced features and benefits, the MS400 C-M chainsaw is an excellent choice for professional forestry applications.

And while the saw isn’t as sharp as the MS 462, it delivers good torque throughout the entire range. The magnesium piston is probably responsible for this.

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Stihl Ms 400 Problems

I would like to show the comment of a person who bought a Stihl ms 400 before and told us about the problem he had.  Stihl Ms 400 Problem;

“when I looked at how the oil pump and hoses are put together I felt the build quality was not up to the job. When the delivery hose is only held on to the pump port by a thin steel sheet that in turn is held in place by only one screw when the clutch cover is off, I feel is asking for trouble.”
We noticed the same problem when we tested it before. And there are dozens of people who think like us.

It Has A Powerful Engine

The Ms 400 Stihl is a powerful professional chainsaw with an advanced magnesium piston that provides more power and torque without adding excessive weight. Its decompression valve reduces fuel consumption while maintaining low emissions.

Its pre-separation system helps remove large debris before it enters the air filter. It also increases the machine’s running time. The decompression valve prevents the tool from overheating and can withstand tough conditions.

The decompression valve is part of the easy starting system, which reduces the compression pressure while starting the chain saw. It reduces the number of pulls the user needs to pull the starter rope. It is semi-automatic and must be opened manually before starting, but automatically closes after starting.

The Stihl ElastoStart system reduces the shock of compression during starting so that it’s easier on the muscles and joints. Its decompression valve also eliminates the risk of contact with the chain saw’s sharp chain.

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Stihl MS 400 is 60cc

Yes. ms 400 made for professionals.

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