Stihl Chainsaw Winch, Lewis Chainsaw Winch is Right For You? 2023 Updated

When you purchase a new Stihl chainsaw winch, you’ll need a chainsaw winch to secure the saw’s chain. Thankfully, there are many different brands available, including Streamline Industrial chainsaw winch, Lewis chainsaw winch, Makita chainsaw winch, and Powerhouse chainsaw winch. Here are some of the benefits of each brand and the chainsaw winch they make.

Consider our experience when choosing a good Stihl Chainsaw Winch. You may be surprised by which one is right for you. The key is to choose a brand you know and trust.

Stihl Chainsaw Winch, Lewis Chainsaw Winch is Right For You?  2023 Updated Saws

Stihl Chainsaw Winch

Stihl Chainsaw Winch – Streamline Industrial

A Stihl Chainsaw Winch Industrial chainsaw winch can be used for several different tasks. Depending on the size and weight of the chainsaw, it can lift anything from small trees to large trees and even animals. Its sturdy wire rope is great for pulling large items. You can use the chainsaw winch to attach the chainsaw to your chainsaw. There are also 150 feet of cable for easy attachment. Streamline Industrial chainsaw winches are an excellent investment for professional use. You may be interested in: Stihl MS 180C Manual

The Stihl Chainsaw Winch Streamline Industrial chainsaw winch is extremely easy to use and can handle the biggest logs. The wire ropes and thick hooks make this Stihl chainsaw winch a very comfortable tool to use. However, it works best with external clutch chainsaws and is not recommended for thinner logs. The winch is lightweight and easy to set up, but you should consider the weight distribution when using it. It can easily pull up to 4000 pounds of weight.

Stihl Chainsaw Winch, Lewis Chainsaw Winch is Right For You?  2023 Updated Saws

chainsaw winch stihl

Lewis  Chainsaw Winch 

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable winch for your Stihl chainsaw, the Lewis chainsaw winch Stihl is the right choice. The Lewis chainsaw winch can hold up to five pounds of chain and is available in several configurations. It has a 150-foot cable with an aircraft-grade connector and all the necessary adapters to fit most models. If you have an internal-clutch saw, the Lewis chainsaw winch features a direct connection, and the snatch block and tree-saver strap are optional extras.

Stihl Chainsaw Winch, Lewis Chainsaw Winch is Right For You?  2023 Updated Saws

Lewis  Chainsaw Winch

The winch can also be used with the 2054 Turbo and 2063, 2065, 2071, and 2083 Turbo chainsaws. The Lewis Winch is available for the MS 026 Pro, MS 036 Pro, and MS 046 Magnum, but you may need a spacer if you have a different chainsaw model. You can also use the same winch on the MS 271 and MS 360 chainsaws, although the latter requires a spacer of 325 pitch.

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Makita Chainsaw Winch

If you want a sturdy winch for your chainsaw, you need to consider the Makita Stihl chainsaw, known for its excellent cutting action and strong engine. The powerhead of this model can hold a variety of couple shaft attachments, including a chain brake, chain guide, and more. Its lever-style lock system makes installing and removing the various attachments easy. Its chain is adjustable and can be easily emptied and cleaned using the included chain bag.

Before using the chainsaw winch, it is essential to properly wind the cable. You must make sure that the cable winds evenly on the spool barrel. If the cable winds unevenly, you must stop the chainsaw and rewind the cable. Be sure to wear leather gloves while using the winch to prevent any injury to your hands. If you do not, you might be tempted to get in the way of the cable while it is moving.

Stihl Chainsaw Winch, Lewis Chainsaw Winch is Right For You?  2023 Updated Saws


Before you install a powerhouse Lewis chainsaw winch wink, it is essential that you install the appropriate cable. The cable should be wound evenly around the spool barrel. If the cable winds unevenly, stop the chainsaw winch and unspool the cable to correct the problem. Always wear leather gloves while using the chainsaw winch to avoid accidental injury. If the cable is too tight, it can become stiff and even break the brake handle.

Before you use the Stihl Chainsaw Winch, you need to check the level of oil in the unit. The oil level should be checked regularly. To do this, place the Stihl chainsaw winch on a flat surface, stand upright, and loosen the oil filler bolt. Once the filler point flows with oil, tighten the bolt again. Make sure to use the oil recommended by the manufacturer. Then, it is time to use your new chainsaw.

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