Stihl Chainsaw MS 391 Review * Stihl Chainsaw MS 391 Price- 2022

The Stihl Ms 391 chainsaw comes with several impressive features, including a stratified charge engine, which is known for its superior fuel economy, low emissions, and increased power. Other features include an air filtration system, an advanced anti-vibration system, and tool-less oil and fuel caps.

A side-access chain tensioner is another key feature. Specifications vary in different countries. It is best to consult your local retailer to see what specifications apply in your area. Don’t forget to comment on our Stihl Ms 391 chainsaw review below

Ms 391 Stihl Chainsaw Price

These Ms 391 Stihl Chainsaw price for around $640 at authorized STIHL dealers. It’s best not to use the chainsaw before contacting an authorized dealer to get it serviced. Now that we have learned the Ms 391 Stihl Chainsaw price, let’s continue to write its problems, parts, and features.

You can get the lowest model for the Stihl ms 391 prices of $629.99.

Stihl Chainsaw MS 391 Review * Stihl Chainsaw MS 391 Price- 2022 Saws

Ms 391 Stihl Chainsaw Price

Stihl Ms 391 Chainsaw Specs

The Stihl Ms 391 chainsaw specs a stratified charge engine that offers lower fuel consumption and emissions while still offering more power than other saws in its class. Other features of the Stihl 1140 200 ms 391 chainsaw include a side-access chain tensioner and a tool-less fuel and oil cap.

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These features contribute to its lower oil consumption. However, the specifications of the ms 391 Stihl chainsaw may differ from those of the MS 311.

Chain Stopping System

Stihl Chainsaw MS 391 Review * Stihl Chainsaw MS 391 Price- 2022 Saws

Stihl 1140 200 ms 391 chainsaw

STIHL chainsaws are equipped with a chain stopping system known as the STIHL Quickstop(r) chain brake. This anti-vibration system allows the chain to stop quickly without causing any damage to the saw or operator.

Quickstop reduces operator fatigue and increases the comfort of your work. By limiting chain kickback, the STIHL Ms 391 chainsaw delivers a more efficient work process.

Stihl Chainsaw Parts

If you’re looking to fix your Stihl MS 391 chainsaw, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll find an in-depth guide to the Stihl chainsaw parts. Not sure which part you need? Use the exploded view diagram below to see how they fit together. You’ll also find the parts list and other useful information. This article was written by an expert in chainsaw maintenance.

Stihl 025 Chainsaw Specs, Price $189

STIHL MS 391 Chainsaw parts are essential for keeping your machine running properly. With a new engine, this saw can run for longer while consuming less fuel. The engine also helps reduce emissions, making this a green choice. The weight of this saw is almost equal to that of its predecessor, the MS 311. The optimum power-to-weight ratio of this saw will give you the best cut for the job you’re doing.

Whether you’re looking for a Stihl MS 391 Chainsaw parts list or an exploded view diagram, you’ll find it here. This chainsaw is powered by the innovative STIHL engine technology that delivers reduced fuel consumption and emissions while still providing high power. Its optimal power-to-weight ratio makes it ideal for big jobs. Here’s what you need to know to keep your MS 391 running smoothly.

Stihl Ms 391 Chainsaws Problems

We will tell you some of the problems of the Stihl Ms 391, which is a wonderful machine. Here are Stihl Ms 391 Problems:

Stihl Chainsaw MS 391 Review * Stihl Chainsaw MS 391 Price- 2022

A chain saw’s flywheel is a large part of the saw, and it can break and crack, resulting in serious injury or death for both the user and anyone in the vicinity.

Stihl chainsaw MS 391 is recalling chainsaws because the flywheel in some models is prone to corroding and wearing out. In order to prevent further damage, STIHL is replacing the flywheel on potentially affected models free of charge.

Customers who own this chain saw are advised to contact their dealer immediately to find out if their machine is affected. If you are unsure whether or not your chainsaw is involved, contact your STIHL dealer for assistance.

1- The chain is loose

If you notice that the chain is loose on your Stihl ms 391 gas chainsaw, there are a few things that you can do. To begin with, you should check the material of the chain.

While most saw chains are made of plastic, it is also possible that they are made of steel. Either way, you should carefully examine the material. Once you’ve determined the type, you can check the setting.

If the chain is too loose, you will not be able to cut the wood effectively in full throttle mode. First, you can inspect the guide bar on the chain saw. If it is too loose, the chain may come off without much effort. If the chain is under-tightened, it will sag during operation and may come off at any time. Whether it is a worn or loose chain, you must fix it as soon as possible.

2- The Chain Is Too Long

If you are having trouble cutting the chain on your Stihl ms 391, you are not alone. Many owners have this Stihl Ms 391 Problems. Thankfully, a new chain can solve the problem. The chain on your Stihl MS 391 can be shortened to 20 inches using a 72DL chain. It should be sharpened every 4 hours and rotated once every fill-up.

3- The Muffler Needs To Be Replaced

You may need to replace the muffler on your Stihl MS 391 chainsaw if it is leaking and emitting foul-smelling fumes. Inhaling these fumes is harmful and dispelling them is even worse. A new muffler will funnel out all the exhaust fumes, but a leaky muffler can allow fumes to accumulate inside the car. Contact an auto mechanic in Nashville, TN immediately to get the problem fixed.

Your muffler is an essential component of your vehicle. Keeping it properly functioning is vital to the function of your engine. Leaving it unchecked will reduce the efficiency of your engine and result in a high repair bill.

Stihl ms 391 recall ✔️

Stihl ms 391 recall is being recalled because the chain brake and vapor lock mechanism may malfunction. This dangerous condition can cause burn injuries. Stihl is urging customers to take appropriate action for their own safety. For more information, contact a Stihl dealer. is a Stihl ms 391 a pro saw. They are happy to assist you. Read on to learn more. Also, read about the vapor lock mechanism and defective flywheel.

Stihl Chainsaw MS 391 Review * Stihl Chainsaw MS 391 Price- 2022 Saws

Stihl Ms 391 Recall


Chainsaws made by STIHL include a rear-handle-activated chain brake. They come in a gray base with a black handle and have the words “STIHL MS 361C” printed on the side.

Stihl 021 chainsaw won’t start; the chainsaw made by STIHL has a chain-stopping system to reduce the risk of injury during kickback situations. The Quickstop brake automatically activates the chain when the operator pushes the saw forward.

Some STIHL chainsaws also have a manual chain brake, which can be engaged by kickback force. The letters Q and G in the model name indicate whether the chain brake has this feature.

They Have A Vapor Lock That Can Cause Burn Injuries

One issue that many chainsaws have is a pinched fuel line. Wildland firefighters may use these tools, but they should be recalled if you own one of these models. If the fuel line is pinched, the engine could die and a vapor lock will occur. This could cause a fuel geyser and lead to serious burn injuries. According to the STIHL website, there are currently seven recalls for these chainsaws.

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Stihl ms 391 is power 64 cc

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