Stihl 461 vs 462 Which is better? ✔️ 2023 Benchmark

A dispute between the Stihl 461 vs 462 has arisen in the marketplace. Both saw chains and guide bars from this manufacturer are comparable to the top tier in the industry. The question is, which one is better and why? There are several reasons to decide. Listed below are some pros and cons of each saw chain. Also, learn about the differences between the Stihl 461 vs 462.

Stihl 461 vs 462 Which is better? ✔️ 2023 Benchmark Saws

Stihl 461 vs 462

Comparing Stihl 461 vs 462 specs

When choosing between Stihl 461 vs 462, you may want to look at the safety features of both tools. Stihl chainsaws are known for their high level of safety, and the MS 461 C-M is a reliable chainsaw for any job. However, if you want to avoid accidents while pruning, the MS 462 C-M might be the better option.

Stihl 461 specs:

  • Displacement: 76.5 cc
  • Engine Power: 6.0 bhp
  • Weight: 14.8 lbs
  • Chain: 33 RS3
  • Bar Lengths: 25 inches – 36 inches
  • Price: $1,089.99
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Stihl 462 C-M specs:

  • Displacement: 72.2 cc
  • Engine Power: 6.0 bhp
  • Powerhead Weight: 13 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity: 24.35 oz
  • Chain Oil: 11.5 oz
  • Guide Bar Lengths: 16 inches to 28 inches
  • Price: $1,099
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Comparison ✔️

Unlike the older MS 461 C-M model, the MS 462 C-M accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 0.3 seconds. While the older MS 461 takes 0.7 seconds, it’s almost twice as fast as the MS 462 C-M.

Both chainsaws are built for professional users. The 461 is lighter, yet faster than the Stihl MS 462, and weighs less than half as much. While the Stihl 461 is more powerful, its price is lower than that of its competitor, and the 462 is also lighter than its counterpart. While both models have the same power output, the 461’s chain pitch is slightly lower, while the 462’s chain pitch is higher.

It’s also more ergonomic to use, with the same amount of leverage as the MS 461.

Stihl MS 462 C-M 🙂

The Stihl MS 462 C-M forestry chainsaw is one of the lightest high-performance saws in its class, with impressive acceleration and power for cutting medium to large trees. Its economical Stihl2-MIX engine, M-Tronic technology, and lightweight design help it deliver powerful, efficient performance. For maximum efficiency, this saw is equipped with a blade guard and a carrying case.

The Stihl MS 462 C-M is the lightest professional petrol chainsaw available, making it an ideal machine for forestry work. It is packed with extra features to ensure optimal performance and safety, including an innovative HD2 filter and M-Tronic engine management. Also has an excellent power-to-weight ratio and manages fuel metering in all operating modes. It also keeps a consistent power output under load.

Stihl 461 vs 462 Which is better? ✔️ 2023 Benchmark Saws

Stihl 461 vs 462

The Stihl MS 462 C-M is a fuel-powered chainsaw with 6 hp of power. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 0.3 seconds. The chainsaw’s engine is equipped with a fully electronic engine management system, the M-Tronic, which regulates the fuel supply and ignition timing. This engine provides high performance and is easy to use, even on slopes. Unlike a manual saw, this one does not require any maintenance.

Stihl MS 461

If you’re looking for a powerful chainsaw, you might be wondering which one of the two Stihl MS 461 vs 462 models is the better choice. The MS 461 is known for its reliability, strength, and longevity. However, if you’re more concerned with speed, the MS 462 offers better acceleration.

The MS 462 has a wrap handle and a low-emissions engine. This saw also boasts a Stihl Ematic oil pump, which reduces the need for additional oil and lubrication. It’s a popular choice because it saves a significant amount of fuel while providing adequate lubrication.


It is equipped with a deep-cutting depth limiter and a muffler guard plate to prevent accidental cuts during rescue operations. Furthermore, the extra-large starting handle makes it easier to start the chainsaw even with gloves on. For this reason, professional emergency workers and firefighters rely on Stihl chainsaws for their rescue operations.

Stihl 461 vs 462 Which is better? ✔️ 2023 Benchmark Saws

Stihl 461 vs 462

Another notable feature of the new chainsaw is the advanced stratified charging system. It boosts the power of the engine while reducing pollution and lowering the proportion of unburned petroleum products in the exhaust.

The HD2 air filter, which has a five-year service life, repels oil and water and has 70% smaller pores than conventional fleece. The filter is also easy to clean and replace. The MS 461 has an automatic carburetor self-tuning feature that allows it to self-tune as needed.

The MS 462 C-M chainsaw is the lightest gas-powered chainsaw in its class. It also boasts STIHL’s anti-vibration system. It is ideal for professional users who don’t want to deal with a heavy, bulky chainsaw. Its slim sprocket cover and proven non-electronic engine management system also make it convenient for forestry work.

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Although the prices of both products are very close to each other, the 462 C-M is cheaper

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