Stihl 311 vs 391 Chainsaw ✔️ 2023 Comparison * Which Should I Buy?

So, if you’re in the market for a new snow blower, you might be wondering about the Stihl 311 vs 391? After all, the three models share many similar features, including torquey power, fuel efficiency, and anti-vibration. If you want a great snow blower that’s also reasonably priced, the 311 might be the best choice. The three-point stiffness of the Stihl 311 Vs 391 makes them perfect for beginners, but the price difference will sway your decision.

Stihl 311 Vs 391 Differences

Stihl 311 vs 391 chainsaws have several similarities, but they differ in some ways as well. Regardless of which you choose, you should consider the intended use and level of experience when deciding which is right for you. The MS 311 weighs 13.67 lbs and features an advanced anti-vibration system, stratified scavenging engine, and pre-separation air filtration system. It can also run for five times longer than a conventional chainsaw.

Stihl 311 vs 391 Chainsaw ✔️ 2023 Comparison * Which Should I Buy? Saws

Stihl 311 Vs 391

Why should I buy a Stihl 311:

Weight: 13.67 lbs
Engine Power: 4.2 bhp
Fuel Capacity: 20.3 oz
Power Source: Gas
Recommended bar length, max: 20 inch
Recommended bar length, min: 16 inch
Price: $509.99
Stihl ms 311 vs Husqvarna 460

The engine in the MS 391 is newer, with improved fuel efficiency and emissions. Its power-to-weight ratio is also improved, making it a better choice for professional saws. The MS 391 weighs the same as the MS 311 but is nearly 2 pounds heavier. The MS 391 is perfect for professional-grade jobs and will cut through tough wood, brush, and branches with ease.

Why should I buy a Stihl 391:

Weight: 13.67 lbs
Engine Power: 4.4 bhp
Fuel Capacity: 20.3 oz.
Power Source: Gas
Recommended bar length: (Recommended):  20 in.
Price: $679.99
Stihl Chainsaw MS 391 Review

When comparing two chainsaws, pay attention to the price in between. Stihl 311 price $509.99, while Stihl 391 price $503.50 

Comparison 🙂

If you are comparing a Stihl ms 391 vs 311 chainsaws, you are looking for a tool that’s equally powerful but a little heavier. These two models are similar in many ways, but they have some differences as well. The MS 391 has a higher engine power, allowing it to cut larger trees and logs faster, and the MS 311 has a lower engine power, allowing you to use it on smaller projects.

One of the main differences between the two models is the anti-vibration system. The ms 311 vs ms 391 have special springs that absorb engine vibration and minimize saw shaking. The chain brake helps minimize the chances of kickback and is also an additional feature of both models. Considering the difference between these two saws, you’ll find that the MS 311 is an excellent choice. Despite their differences, both chainsaws are extremely effective in their respective fields.

Should I choose Stihl 311 Vs 391?

The MS 391 has a more powerful engine than the MS 311 and is comparable to the MS 362 in terms of horsepower. The 391 has a smaller capacity than the MS 311 but is still quite capable of cutting through trees up to 20 inches in diameter. Its fuel tank is also much larger, making it more fuel-efficient. Its fuel tank holds 20.3 ounces of gas, so it can last for an extended period without refueling.

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Stihl 391 weight is 13.67 lbs

Stihl 311 is cheaper at $509.99

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