Sidewinder Vs Worm Drive * Pros and Cons 2023

Which is better for the job? In this article, we’ll compare the Sidewinder vs worm drive and circular saw worm drive vs sidewinder. You can also find information on cordless vs corded circular saws. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of each. This is an excellent resource for homeowners looking to make their own home improvements. There are many benefits to both saws, but you might want to consider one or the other for your project. So which one is better? Sidewinder vs worm drive?

Sidewinder Vs Worm Drive  * Pros and Cons 2023 Other Tools

Sidewinder Vs Worm Drive

Sidewinder Vs Worm Drive

Sidewinder vs worm drive. When deciding on which circular saw to purchase, there are several differences between Sidewinder and worm drive models. Worm drive saws use a worm gear to turn a second gear at a 90-degree angle, while direct drive saws have a motor next to the blade. Direct drive saws are generally lighter and wider than their counterparts but can be more difficult to control for beginners.

While both blades are positioned on the right side of the saw, the hypoid blade is on the left, which can make it difficult for right-handed people to see the cutting line. Left-handed users can also find it difficult to see the blade with the sidewinder. As a result, left-handed users may prefer the worm drive saw. However, both saw types are capable of accomplishing the same tasks.

Sidewinder Vs Worm Drive  * Pros and Cons 2023 Other Tools


The Hypoid saw has helical teeth and is often referred to as a crossbreed of worm-drive saws and bevel gears. The gearing system of a hypoid saw is ideal for heavy-duty cutting because the blades are able to rotate in any direction. While hypoid saws are more expensive than worm drive saws, they are durable and quiet.



When choosing between a sidewinder and a worm-drive saw, it’s important to consider how long and narrow you’ll be cutting the material. Sidewinders are generally much lighter and easier to control, which makes them more convenient for overhead work. Worm-drive saws are larger and heavier, making them less suitable for tight or rough cutting jobs.

The worm-drive saw has a heavy-duty frame and higher power. This type is best for tough construction jobs. However, a sidewinder is more maneuverable and comfortable for new users. Its handle is located closer to the blade, which makes it easier to use and control. A direct-drive saw is more difficult to handle, which makes it easier for the novice to operate.

Sidewinder Vs Worm Drive  * Pros and Cons 2023 Other Tools

In many instances, sidewinders offer more torque than worm-drive saws. However, some users find the sidewinder more comfortable for cutting. It’s also possible to get a sidewinder with the same power as a Worm Drive saw. But the best way to decide between the two is to consider your application. One type is better suited for framing while the other is better suited for other types of work.

If you’re planning to use a circular saw regularly, you may want to consider a worm-drive model. Worm-drive saws were the only non-sidewinder models available for 60 years. But now, several manufacturers offer hypoid gears. If you want a worm-drive circular saw, you can get one that features an in-line motor.


One big difference between a sidewinder and a worm drive circular saw is the direction in which the blade rotates. The sidewinder rotates with its blade on the left side, while a worm drive spins its blade on the right. While both machines produce the same amount of torque, sidewinders have larger teeth and produce lower RPMs. Sidewinders are often preferred for DIY projects and mid-range tasks. The main difference between these two circular saws is their positioning.

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Advantages And Disadvantages

Although both saws have advantages, the Sidewinder has lower torque and a smaller profile. It is easier to maneuver, especially for first-time users. The Sidewinder is also lighter. Its design makes it more comfortable to use and is ideal for overhead tasks. A sidewinder also has an integrated handle, whereas a worm drive has an extra handle at the rear. If you need a saw to work in tight spaces, a worm drive is a way to go.

Direct Drive  Pros – Cons

  • Its Design is Spur Gear
  • Very high RPM
  • Lightweight
  • It is easy to control

Worm Drive Pros – Cons

  • Despite its low RPM, it has high torque.
  • Much heavier
  • Not comfortable to control
  • Best for Hardwoods


When And Who Invented Worm Drive Saws?

Worm drive saws were invented in the mid-1920s by Edmond Michel, who later became Skilsaw, one of the leading makers of power tools. In 1928, Art Emmons invented the sidewinder version.

Over the years, several power tool companies have improved the worm drive. The right-handed carpenter, for example, will prefer using a sidewinder, while a left-handed carpenter will prefer a worm drive.

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Worm drive saws were invented in the mid-1920s by Edmond Michel.

Worm driver; Best for Hardwoods. Direct driver; Very high RPM. So before you decide which one is better, it is important what you take it to do.

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