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When it comes to slicing the mortise holes, a log tenon cutter set can make your job easier. These tools feature adjustable settings so you can use them with any mortise bit. The E-Z Log Tenon Cutters work with a Forstner, flat spade, or another common-sized drill bit.

You will need a 1/2″ drill for use, and the E-Z Log Tenon Cutters come with a 3/8″ pilot hole bit for use with woodworking bits. The tools are packaged with a printed instruction manual and a free strap clamp for woodworking.

We first explained the features of the Log Tenon Cutter Set and then the benefits of the Log Tenon Cutter Set.

Log Tenon Cutter Set Features

Choosing the best log tenon cutter set depends on the size of a project. You can find smaller ones for hobbyists and large ones for professional contractors. You can even purchase a dual-purpose package, combining the two sizes to cut large or small tenon joints. Here are some features to look for in a log tenon cutter set. All of them can be used for both indoor and outdoor projects.

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There are various sizes of log tenon cutter sets available. The 3/4″ Pro Log Tenon Cutter is ideal for smaller projects. The durable, aggressive cutter fits a 1/2″ chuck, and has a threaded shank, and curved blades. This tool will last you over a thousand cuts before resharpening. The set includes two hex keys and a printed instruction manual.

Log Tenon Cutter Set Benefits

Tenon cutters are indispensable for building furniture, railings, and other log projects. These tools are easy to use and are easy to sharpen. Using a tenon cutter makes it easy to create a perfect t-shape tenon joint in wood.

A tenon cutter can be easily attached to a drill and makes tenon cutting a breeze. Its blades can be sharpened easily, which extends their usefulness.

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Log Tenon Cutter Set Price

The Barker tenon cutter is a heavy-duty model with a machined aluminum body and built-in bubble levels. Its heavy-duty design creates perfectly shaped tenons and shoulder joints with a 60-degree taper for the strongest log furniture construction.

You can buy a set that includes all three models for a fraction of the cost of a separate set. While you may need a heavier tenon cutter to cut through thick, hardwood lumber, this model is more versatile and requires less torque to use.

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Where to Buy a Tenon Cutter Set?

When choosing the right tool for your project, choosing the right log tenon cutter set is vital. The proper set can help you build anything from a bed to railings. In addition, you should consider the material you will be using, such as hickory or oak, as these types are extremely strong. These tools should come with a comprehensive instruction manual, so you know how to use them safely and effectively.

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