Husqvarna 572XP Vs 372XT /2023 Comparison* Specs * 572xp VS 372xp

In this comparison article, we’ll discuss the fuel efficiency of the Husqvarna 572XP vs Husqvarna 372 XT. We’ll also discuss the cutting capacity of each, and whether the 572XP is better for residential use. In addition, we’ll look at their differences in terms of cutting capacity, power, and features. If you’re looking for a high-quality chainsaw, the 372XP is the answer. Husqvarna 572XP Vs 372XT detail; 572xp vs 372xp

Husqvarna 572 vs Husqvarna 372 X-Torq

There are several factors to consider when comparing the 572xp vs 372xp X-torq. Both machines feature good price tags and good condition and should last you a long time. Husqvarna’s cutting equipment produces vibrations to reduce fatigue and extend engine life. Additionally, the Husqvarna 372 X-Torq has features to prevent overrevving and protect the engine from overheating.

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Husqvarna 572XP Vs 372XT /2023 Comparison*  Specs * 572xp VS 372xp Saws

Husqvarna 572xp vs 372xp 

When comparing Husqvarna 572 versus Husqvarna 372 X-torq, remember that the Husqvarna 372 XP is designed for tough work. It weighs 14.5 pounds and features a durable crankcase and vibration dampening carburetor. It also comes with low vibration technology, which makes it ideal for forestry work.

572xp VS 372xp

When you compare the cutting capacity of three different Husqvarna chainsaws, the difference between the 572xp vs 372xp is striking. The 572XP has 12% more cutting capacity than the 372XP. This difference is primarily due to the difference in the engine capacity.

Both models have similar cc capacities, but the 572 has a higher horsepower, and the 372 has a lower horsepower. The 372XP, however, has a greater weight. If you’re looking for a more powerful chainsaw, take a look at the Husqvarna 572xp. So what are the 572xp vs 372xp specs differences?

Husqvarna 572XP Specs:

  • Power output: 5.8 hp
  • Maximum power speed: 9,900 rpm
  • Torque ,max: 8,200 rpm
  • Fuel consumption: 3.88 lbs/h
  • Bar length min/max: min 15 inch/ max 28 inch , Recommended: 20 inch
  • Price: $1,069.99
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Husqvarna 372XP Specs:

  • Power output: 5.5 hp
  • Maximum power speed:  10,200 rpm
  • Torque ,max:  6,600 rpm
  • Fuel consumption: 3.31 lbs/h
  • Bar length min/max: min 16 inch/ max 28 inch ,Recommended: 20 inch
  • Price: $1,029.99
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The price between 372xp vs 572xp is really low, “so which one should I get?” If you are asking, you can watch the video below.

Husqvarna 572XP Vs 372XT /2023 Comparison*  Specs * 572xp VS 372xp Saws

372xp vs 572xp

Fuel efficiency of 572XP vs 372XP

Both Husqvarna chainsaws are powerful tools. The 572XP features a higher RPM rating, which grants it 12% more cutting power. Its powerful motor cuts through almost anything. The 572XP features an efficient cooling system and auto-tuning technology. For more information, see the Husqvarna 572xp vs 372xp comparison.

The Husqvarna 572XP(r) has 12% more cutting power than its predecessors.  The 500-series has a smaller chassis, which feels more maneuverable. The 572XP has a manual carburetor and many parts are readily available. The older design isn’t as smooth as the AV, but fuel efficiency is similar. The x-torq models have improved fuel efficiency.

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Husqvarna 572XP has more cutting capacity.

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